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March 21st 2021 - 2pm Eastern Time


Astrologers Chris Reppucci and Elodie St-Onge-Aubut present a series of ideas and frameworks to best situate oneself in the upcoming opportunities which will be emerging as the Greater Benefic, Jupiter, returns to rulership after a long streatch of excrutiating and society reorganizing spaceweather throughout 2020 into 2021.  Jupiter will be dignified in Pisces from mid-May through July 2021 and then return for December until May of 2022. This is certainly a good thing, but to make sure we are ready to make the most use of this fortunate transit in trying times we might want to get the big picture by examining historical cycles for perspective on where the current astro has us, what we might expect Jupiter to be helping us do and experience, how to not succumb to being washed off track, and keeping an eye on where circumstances are ultimately headed so we can ride the wave of positive influence more towards where we wish to end up. We will be approaching these presentations from a technical, magical, divinatory, astrological, animist, holistic, ecological, autonomous and radical point of view, but in Piscean fashion, keeping our intuitions open and feeling out where we can flow into more.


All participants will recieve a Zoom invitation link prior to the lecture.

Absolutely Everything: preparations for Jupiter in Pisces

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